Sculptures by the Sea - a festival of materials

'Sculptures by the Sea 2014’ is a collection of around a hundred visually striking creations between Bondi and Tamarama beach. Some are thought provoking, others amusing, but all are wonderful practical examples of materials science. The artists involved work their craft through the manipulation of metals, ceramics, polymers or sometime all three. Artists need not only create shape and form in their artwork, but texture and visual appeal. For example, some metal sculptures appear as shiny, lustrous visions that often imply modernistic, next-generation or stark representations. Others use (usually deliberately) rusted metals often evocative of the past or more naturalistic forms. Whilst the artists themselves may not be experts in, for example, the kinetics of corrosion reactions, they need to understand how to work materials to generate the desired visual effects. If you study in materials sciences you will instantly recognize the processes used by the artists to ‘work’ their materials into the desired form! Maybe you could combine art and the materials sciences and make your own sculpture next year!

Visit the Sculpture By The Sea website for information about the 2014 exhibitions.