UNSW ATF (Advanced Thin-Film) Research Group

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Welcome to the Nagy ATF (Advanced Thin-Film) Research Group website. Our group research focuses multiferroic functional materials.  Our group spends hours trying make these ferroics at very tiny dimensions and to see what happens when ferroics are scaled down to the size of a few nanometers. The challenge is not only in making them but also seeing these nanostructures and measuring their properties. At such length scales, the background noise often overrides the signal of interest. In materials science lingo we call this the synthesis-processing-characterization triangle.




  • Dec 2019 --- Congratulations to Stuart on receiving his PhD  and starting his Postdoc at University of Calgary, Canada!
  • Dec 2019 --- Congratulations to Paria on receiving her PhD  and starting her Postdoc at University of Pennsylvania, US!
  • Dec 2019 --- Congratulations to Yangyang Zhang on receiving  the "Best Poster Award" at 2019 MRS Fall Meeting!
  • May 2019 --- Congratulations to Ralph on his PhD offer at University of Geneva, Switzerland!
  • Mar 2019 --- Congratulations to Vidya Ramesh on receiving her PhD!
  • Mar 2019 --- [new publication] “Conformational Domain Wall Switch” published in Advanced Functional Materials