Welcome to the School of Materials Science and Engineering

Professor Paul MunroeWelcome to the School of Materials Science and Engineering at UNSW Sydney (formerly the University of New South Wales). Our aim is to be Australia’s leading contributor to research and teaching in Materials; to provide the best Materials engineers and scientists to the profession through our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, which are currently Australia’s largest.

For students, we provide an internationally-recognised student experience. Our teachers are internationally renown and, in recent years, have won numerous education awards. Our close links with employers means that most of our undergraduates receive scholarships coupled with invaluable industrial experience during their study. Our internationally-leading research teams ensure that students are exposed to the forefront of science and technology. Graduates from the School are highly sought across all areas of industry from metallurgy to microelectronics to biomedical fields.

Our school’s diverse research in materials science and engineering is the most strongly supported in Australia. We are home to three of the Australian Research Council’s Professorial Fellows who, along with our other staff, make major contributions to international and Australian science and industry.

As proud as we are of our achievements, we realise that we need to keep attracting new bright minds, as students and researchers, and new partnerships in industry and science. If you wish to study in the field of Materials or are a company with a problem or an interest in attracting our graduates, please take a look at this website and get in touch.

Professor Paul Munroe
Head of School