Cathy Liu - Class of 2012

"UNSW was an easy choice because of its world-class reputation in Materials Science and Engineering and the opportunity to learn from academics and researchers who are top of their fields."

Why did you choose to study Materials Science and Engineering?

I always loved science in high school, both the theoretical studies and the practical activities. As such, studying science and engineering at university was an easy decision when the time came to pick my degree.

I specifically chose to study a dual degree in Materials Science and Biomedical Engineering because I was (and still am) particularly interested in understanding the different nature of the myriad of materials we take for granted everyday, and applying to different biomedical areas.

What does your current role involve?

In my current role as an Analyst at the Reserve Bank of Australia, I receive ddata and research information on currency and banknote production and distribution from various areas of expertise every day.

My work, in short, involves analysing the data and collating the research information together. Most of the time, the assembled information will be passed on to senior management for review.

I am also working on multiple projects concurrently, so I am definitely getting involved in some project management. Specifically, I am learning how to re-assess and re-prioritise my tasks on a weekly (sometimes daily) basis, as well as learning how to people manage and time manage effectively.

Do you have any advice for high school students considering studying Materials at UNSW?

The School of Materials Science and Engineering at UnSW has done an amazing job in preparing me for my current job. The knowledge I gained in classes helps me to better understand the background of my work. More significantly, the skills I have developed have been invaluable. The critical reasoning skills I have gained through both research and classes have given me a solid framework for systematically analysing and solving problems in my role as an analyst. As such, I would highly recommend Materials Science at UNSW to any school leavers who are considering a well rounded education in science and engineering.