June: Dr Adnan Younis, "The Future of Energy Storage Devices"

June: Dr Adnan Younis, "The Future of Energy Storage Devices"

Ethanol-directed morphological evolution of hierarchical CeOx architectures as advanced electrochemical capacitors

Adnan Younis, Dewei Chu and Sean Li

The expanding market of portable electronics, especially the advent of electric vehicle, hybrid electric vehicles and many other portable devices, drives the urgency of exploring renewable energy resources and the related energy generation, storage and conservation technologies.  Thanks to today's nanotechnology, we were able to fabricate some unique shaped nano-micro biscuits for the first time by simply controlling the nitrate oxidation rates as advanced electrochemical capacitors with extra ordinary charge storing capabilities.

In this research, we also anticipated an innovative idea to separate the real capacitive contribution of electrodes from the diffusion-controlled intercalation behaviour which sometimes leads to wrong interpretation of actual charge capabilities of an electrode material.

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