2017 List of Honours Projects

Below is a list of Honours Projects and supervisors for our 2017 final year students.



Thesis Title

Vladislar BoulavineKevin LawsLight-weight magnesium-scandium-rare earth alloys for automative drive-train applications
Jeremy BogovacNagy ValanoorZinc sulphide thin films for energy applications
Ralph BulanadiDamia MawadDegradable conductive hydrogels fabricated by visible light curing
Christopher ByrnesPramod KoshySynthesis of titanium dioxide nanostructures and films
Andrew ChunKevin LawsMagnesium-based bulk amorphous alloys for personal electronic devices
Rebecca DawkinsJudy HartBio-inspired materials for clean energy applications: manganese-based photocatalysts
Cerys EdwardsSophie PrimigMicrostructural design of modern high strength low alloy (HSLA) steels
Benjamin FishburnPramod KoshyUser-friendly geopolymer binders for building materials
Charles FrostRunyu YangCFD modelling of the deposition of fine powders on the respiratory tract
Liwen GaoDamia Mawad3D printing of bioscaffolds
Andrew HamChris SorrellGrowth of morphologically distinct ceria nanocrystals
Yu-Lin HsuJianqiang ZhangCorrosion behavior and control of alloys in CO2-rich gases at high temperatures
Joshua IrawanPramod KoshyFunctionalised nanoceria for effective drug delivery
James JovanovskiChris SorrellTernary phase equilibria
Jordan KeirleSophie PrimigThe effect of cold work on the corrosion resistance of 316L stainless steel
Scarlet KongJohn DanielsStructural origins of actuation mechanisms in advanced polycrystalline composite electro-ceramics
Hillman LaoOwen StandardDevelopment of porous biomaterials for active tissue integration
Xia Ping LeeKevin LawsSilver-based bulk amorphous alloys for commemorative coins
Longjie LiVeena SahajwallaCharacterisation and transformation of e-waste plastic into sustainable 3D printing filaments
Nathan LouJohn DanielsOptical image correlation measurements of multi-dimensional strain mechanisms in ceramics
Sandy LySammy ChanFabrication of advanced aluminium matrix composites using hot isostatic pressing
Gita NaiduChris SorrellGrowth of morphologically distinct ceria nanocrystals
Kevin PeiPramod KoshyModelling of ceramic-braze-metal failure in Cochlear implants
Muhammed SabahSophie PrimigAssessment of the creep damage evolution in P22 steel
Luisa SchreckChris SorrellBioceramic coatings
Jing SuiJianqiang ZhangCrystallisation of fluoride-free mould flux used for steel continuous casting
Chris TanChris SorrellTernary phase equilibria
Zhansong TianVeena SahajwallaRecycling mattress covers to produce next generation building materials
Kate Vincent-HullVeena SahajwallaConversion of waste batteries into value-added products
Gordon WengDewei ChuEngineering ion migration in colloidal oxide superlattice towards artificial synapses
Hadley WoodMichael FerryHypervelocity impact resistant shield materials
Jiaxin YaoVeena SahajwallaCharacterisation and transformation of e-waste plastic into sustainable 3D printing filaments
Ding YuMichael FerryImplantable biomedical alloys