2019 Undergraduate Honours Projects

Below is a list of Honours Projects and supervisors for our 2019 final year students.



Thesis Title

Joel Luke AbrahamKevin LawsFerritic Stainless High Entropy Steels (b)
Salim Nasser Al khadhooriVeena SahajwallaTransformation of e-waste plastic into sustainable 3D printing filaments
Sophie ArmstrongPramod KoshyOptimising Electrode Characteristics for Cochlear Implants
Abdul Hakeem BashirRakesh JoshiGraphene based membranes for water purification  (a)
Keenan BurroughPramod KoshiWasteforms for Immobilising High-Level Nuclear Waste (a)
Min Duc CaoChris SorrellGeopolymers
Thibault de VillinoisyPramod KoshyWasteforms for Immobilising High-Level Nuclear Waste (b)
Stephen DoddJudy HartQuantum chemical computational study of manganese oxides for photocatalysis (a)
Xingying DuSophie PrimigProcessing of Nickel-based superalloys (a)
Rumayasa GoolamDamia Mawad3D printing of conductive scaffolds mimicking the heart anisotropy (a)
Christine HaliliSean Li3D Printing of Biomedical Implantable Devices (a)
Zehui HuJohn DanielsStructural origins of actuation mechanisms in advanced polycrystalline composite electro-ceramics (a)
Tianxu HuangNagy ValanoorPulsed laser deposition epitaxy of complex oxide materials (a)
Lili JephcottDamia MawadSynthesis of Water Soluble Conducting Polymers
Chris JoseChris SorrellRefractory Development – Waste Materials (a)
Lyman JuliJan SeidelBiological piezoelectricity in seashells (a)
Jialuo KeChris SorrellRefractory Development – Waste Materials (b)
Alister KillenKevin LawsAluminium-based amorphous alloys for aerospace applications
Min LangDamia MawadInvestigating electronic fatigue of a porous conductive bioelectronic patch
Brenda LeungJoseph ArsecularatneA study of the microstructure and corrosive degradation of resin based dental composites
Haoyi LiJianqiang ZhangCorrosion behaviour and control of alloys in CO2-rich gases at high temperature (b)
Zibo LiSammy ChanFabrication of Multi-walled Carbon Nanotube Buckypaper and graphene papers and their Applications to Energy Technology (a)
Lunjian LiRunyu YangCFD modelling of the deposition of fine powders on the respiratory tract
Nathan LiSean LiAccelerated Physical Property Study of Crystalline Organic Semiconductors with Artificial Intelligence (a)
Tao LiangJianqiang ZhangCorrosion behaviour and control of alloys in CO2-rich gases at high temperature (a)
Tianyue Liang

Michael Ferry

Implantable biomedical alloys (a)
Lixuan LiuChris SorrellSeparation of Quartz from Topaz– Waste Materials
Yile LuPaul MunroeCharacterisation of Biochars
Yu MaRakesh JoshiCharacterisation of 2D materials
Cresentia MadelineMichael FerryUltra-lightweight, corrosion resistant Mg-Li alloys (a)
Kristen  MartinowskiChris SorrellBioceramic Coatings
Jie MinClaudio CazorlaUnderstanding the microscopic behaviour of fast ion conductors by means of first-principles computer simulations
Madison MoarPramod KoshyChitosan-Conjugated Ceria-Polymer Nanoparticles for Colon Target Drug Delivery
Benjamin MuffetChris SorrellTernary Phase Equilibria (b)
Liam OliveriChris SorrellTernary Phase Equilibria (a)
Raphael PaglinawanKevin LawsNickel-based super bronzes & disordered multi-component intermetallics
Nicholas PalmerPaul MunroeRaman spectroscopy characterisation of ion irradiation damage and its recovery during annealing in nuclear graphite
Richard SamualJudy HartQuantum chemical computational study of manganese oxides for photocatalysis (b)
Alexis SchteinmanKevin LawsLead-free high entropy brasses & bronzes
Gajan ShivaramananVeena SahajwallaEvolution of thermo-mechanical properties of steel yokes in service and its impact on anode assembly service life
Phillip StephensonSophie PrimigReinventing physical metallurgy for 3D metal additive manufacturing
David TaheriDamia Mawad3D printing of conductive scaffolds mimicking the heart anisotropy (b)
Michael ThienMichael FerryAgile manufacturing routes for creating novel alloy structures
Timothy TsangClaudio CazorlaIn the search of novel electro- and elasto-caloric materials for nano-refrigeration applications: A computer simulation study
Wai Fung Wilson TeSophie PrimigProcessing of Nickel-based superalloys (b)
Corey VutukuriPramod KoshyNanostructured Metal Oxides for Energy Storage and Sensing Applications
Anze WangRunyu YangModelling powder dispersion in DPIs
Vincent WongPramod KoshyDevelopment of Geopolymer Binders for Building Materials
Bowie WuDanyang WangHighly dense (K, Na)NbO3-based lead-free piezo-ceramics fabricated by spark plasma sintering
Yifan XueSean Li3D Printing of Biomedical Implantable Devices (b)
Jonathan YongJudy HartGallium phosphide thin films for photoelectrochemical cathodes
Ding YUJoseph ArsecularatneA study of the corrosive degradation on the wear behaviour of resin-based dental composites
Jiayi ZhaiOwen StandardWet Mixing of Graphene into Latex Natural Rubber and its Influence on the Wear Properties of Natural Rubber
Zhe ZhangJianqiang ZhangEffect of silica on hot corrosion of Ni-base superalloy
Xin ZhangSammy ChanProperties of novel materials for hydrogen storage (a)
Anthony ZhangOwen StandardDevelopment of Porous Biomaterials for Active Tissue Integration
Yifan ZhouJianqiang ZhangCrystallisation of mould flux used for high aluminium steel continuous casting (a)
Carrie ZhouPramod KoshyIdentification of Novel Techniques for Demoulding Silicone Parts
Qixuan ZhuRunyu YangCompaction and characterisation of lignite-iron ore composite