Exchange Opportunities

Materials Science and Engineering is a field that provides many opportunities both to work and to study abroad. Undergraduates in their third year can spend 6 months or a full year of their studies overseas, and the School regularly welcomes exchange students every year.
More information for local and exchange students, including details of UNSW partner universities and the Practicum Exchange Program, is available on the UNSW Exchange website.  See Research Exchange Opportunities in the USA and China Summer 2017/2018

Below are stories from some of our past exchange students.

Every summer (northen hemisphere winter) a group of students head to North Carolina State University for practicum exchange, spending twelve weeks conducting research with a team led by Professor J

Would you like to spend your summer in Cambodia repairing medical equipment that saves lives? You can make an immediate impact in communities that need it most.

Kara Poon is a 4th year student, studying a Bachelor of Materials Science and a Master of Biomedical Engineering.

In November this year five students from UNSW Materials Science and Engineering will be travelling to North Carolina State University to spend their summer holidays doing research projects relate

During the 2014-2015 UNSW summer break I embarked on the AsiaBound Program offered to me by the Department of Education and UNSW’s School of Materials Science and Engineering.  My destin

If you are an international student and want to have a real Aussie Experience while you live here, then make friends with the locals!

During the summer vacation from December 2013 to February 2014, I travelled to Taiwan with six other students from the School of Materials Science and Engineering UNSW on the AsiaBound Mobility Pro

Where did you go on exchange?

I went to the Technical University of Aachen in Germany (Rheinisch-Westphalisch Technische Hochschule (RWTH) Aachen) Aachen is a lovely old to

Where did you go on exchange?

The Royal Institute of Technology Sweden (KTH)

Why Exchange?
I had never been overseas before and was really keen to see what it was like. I needed to go to an English speaking country, but also wanted something new!
Julian Walker
My plane took off from Sydney airport and was set to land in Frankfurt 2 days later. The first 24 hours of my trip set a standard which would be maintained for the following 7 months.