David Trinh – Exchange in Sweden

David Trinh – Exchange in Sweden

Where did you go on exchange?

The Royal Institute of Technology Sweden (KTH)

Why did you go on exchange?

I’d never been overseas before and I wanted to see something new.

David TrinhWhat were the highlights of your trip?
  • Discovering a totally new culture and way of thinking.
  • Backpacking around Europe afterwards.
  • The midnight sun.
  • Stockholm – truly a beautiful city.
  • Meeting the crazy Swedes
What was a hard/difficult thing during your trip?
  • The lack of good ASIAN food and cheap places to eat.
  • The autumn weather (no Sun for a MONTH).
  • Not being old enough to get into (some) pubs.
  • Breaking open the quieter Swedes
What would you say to someone considering going on exchange?David Trinh
  • Decide early – it takes money to go on exchange.
  • Be stubborn – never let rules stop you, don’t always turn away when people say no.
  • Be flexible – there is always a solution to every problem or someone willing to help you
  • Remember – you are on holidays too while on exchange, why not go backpacking around Europe or the US?
  • Blend in – you are there to be a part of the culture, don’t just hang around the other exchange students.