North Carolina State University practicum exchange 2016-17

North Carolina State University practicum exchange 2016-17

Every summer (northen hemisphere winter) a group of students head to North Carolina State University for practicum exchange, spending twelve weeks conducting research with a team led by Professor Jacob Jones. Towards the end of their time this year's group presented their findings in an informal poster presentation evening, answering questions from an audience of academic staff and postgraduate students. 

Some of the students talk about their experiences below:

Richard Chen

Over the summer, my research involved work with Professor Jacob Jones' research group in a study on the field responsive mechanisms in lead zirconate titanate. The work not only gave me a valuable insight into research, but also has relevance to research conducted by our own School's academics. I am considering pursuing further work within this field of research.

Luisa Schreck

I was contributing to research projects about the use of microgels in wound healing applications. My work focused on cryogenic imaging of different gel variations and was supervised by Dr Erin P. Sproul and Dr Ashley C. Brown.

Liam Stephenson

I worked with Professor Linyou Cao and his research team on helping to synthesis and enhance the catalytic activity of monolayer molybdenum disulphide for hydrogen evolution reaction. The poster presentation was attended by members of each of the student's research team as well as general staff and students.

Mia Maric

Whilst at the university, I worked with Professor Yaroslava Ying-Ling in the field of computational simulations of materials. I specifically focused on generating and analysing simulations of amphiphilic DNA molecules. Through this program, I have been able to learn various coding languages such as Python and C. In addition to this I was able to understand the fundamental principles behind conducting research. This experience was highly rewarding and I'm thankful that such a program has been established and made available to students.