Honours Projects

Honours projects, undertaken in the final year, allow students to develop research skills, problem solving, time management, project management and investigation skills. 

The honours project is a vital part of the Engineering program.

These projects also involves students directly in the research activities of the School, potentially allowing students to use advanced equipment, write and publish scientific papers, conduct research for a sponsoring company or participate in an active research project in the School with academics and postgraduate researchers.

The examination procedure for the thesis component:

The Honours thesis is examined by the supervisor and by an independent academic from within the School whose name is not released to the student. Examination is done according to a standard marking scheme that is advertised and explained to students at the beginning of the Honours thesis project. The marks from the supervisor and independent academic are averaged to give the final mark. In the case of significant disparity between the supervisor's mark and the independent academic's mark, a third independent academic marker will mark the thesis. Depending on this third mark, either an average of all three marks will be taken or an average of the two closest marks will be taken. Final marks are agreed at a meeting of the academic body of the School.

Calculation of final Honours result:

The Honours result is calculated as a weighted average of the courses passed in the program. Courses are weighted according to their UOC and the stage in the program in which they occur. For the latter, the weighting is: 0% Stage 1, 20% Stage 2, 30% Stage 3, and 50% Stage 4. All courses must be passed to complete the program and to receive the degree, but only the mark attained in first attempt of a course is used in the Honours calculation. The results of General Education courses are not included in the Honours calculation.

Current Project List

View a list of the Honours Projects chosen by current final year students.