Teacher Resources

Materials Science and Engineering is a degree based firmly in the fundamental sciences of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. As it is not a specific area of focus in high school teaching, year 11 and 12 students often don't have a good understanding of what Materials Science and Engineering is, or where it can lead.

It is an excellent foundation to a wide range of careers in science, engineering and elsewhere. It is a field that will have increasing importance as it correlates to sustainability and environmental impact.

Our HSC Course Selection guide provides a guide to teachers and students in the the appropriate HSC choices to give students the best background to a degree in this area.

We encourage you to utilise our online tutorials, developed by teaching staff in the School to teach introductory materials science. The tutorials cover areas such as atomic bonding, corrosion, ceramics and materials testing, and are relevant to HSC students studying physics, chemistry and engineering studies.

We hope you will find these resources useful in engaging with your students.