A graduate of the UNSW School of Materials Science and Engineering and later completing a Master of Commerce, Greg Bodkin is now a Senior Vice President at Cochlear Limited. Read his story here:

Picture of Paresh Parmar

Paresh Parmar studied a Bachelor of Materials Science and Engineering / Master of Biomedical Engineering. He is currently studying a PhD in tissue engineering at Imperial College London.

Holstein Wong graduated from the School in 2013 with 1st Class Honours in BEng Materials Science and Engineering. She was awarded the University Medal in Ceramic Engineering, one of the most distinguished awards to be bestowed on an undergraduate student.

"Irrespective of the twists and turns a career can take, the foundational skills and the core competencies which astute professionals call upon in their day to day work are often dawned from their experience as an undergraduate student.

Dave Musgrove graduated from the School in 2007 with a Bachelor of Materials Science and Engineering, majoring in Materials Engineering.  He is now working as a Product Manager/Engineer for Cell Bikes.

"Something that I think is mirrored by a lot of people studying Materials is the satisfaction of understanding how things around us are made, what they are made of, and the consideration that went into their creation and application."

Picture of Cathy Liu

"UNSW was an easy choice because of its world-class reputation in Materials Science and Engineering and the opportunity to learn from academics and researchers who are top of their fields."

Picture of Tony Wells

Tony Wells graduated from UNSW with a BSc (Metallurgy) in 1975 and returned to complete his MSc in 1986.

Picture of Steven Pert

"I chose Materials Science and Engineering at UNSW because it combines the analytical side of science with the problem solving aspects of engineering"

Steven Pert completed a Bachelor of Materials Science and Engineering in 2011. Here is his story: