Alumni Profile

27 March 2018

Alumni Profile: Dr Muhammad Rahman,

Rolling Mil, Weir Minerals

What did you study?
I studied Materials Science and Engineering.
Why did you choose to do a Materials Science degree?

I had a passion for recycling materials.
What was your experience being a Materials Science student?

My experience was great - my Supervisor was very helpful and knowledgeable in the field and help me a great deal to achieve my goal.
Where are you working now and what is your role?

Currently I am working at Moly-Cop Altasteel as a Rolling Mill Metallurgist.
What does your current role involve?

Generally my current role involve maintaining rolling recipes, confirm physical properties of the rolled products, continuous improvement projects, provide direction on product quality and set standards for various rolled products.

After graduating, how did your career path evolve?

After my graduation, I joined OneSteel graduate program and move around different plants. I was working to various metallurgical projects on different site and at the same time had chance to work with many great metallurgist.

Do you have any advice for school leavers considering studying Materials Science at UNSW Australia?

Look for opportunities which are available and also search for opportunities through your professional network. It’s a great way to introduce with different level of professionals. Also be prepared to work anywhere - the first step is to put your foot on the job and have fun!
Please share any fond memories you have of your time studying Materials Science at UNSW.

I miss the badminton session with my friends at the university gym. We used to get together every week to play. It was also our getaway from studying where we could relax and socialise.