ARC Research Grant Awards Success

28 November 2018

The School is very pleased to reveal the success of the following staff in obtaining research grants in the recent announcement from the Australian Research Council.

Discovery Grants

  • Professor Tom Wu – Light-Responsive Spin Transport and Spintronics with Stable Perovskites ($450,000)
  • Dr Damia Mawad – Bioelectronics: addressing the biointerface challenge ($393,215)
  • Professor Sean Li – Thin Combinatorial Films for Heat Management in Microelectronics ($410,000)
  • Professor Michael Ferry and Dr Sophie Primig – Unlocking the diverse property profile of ultra-lightweight Mg alloys ($490,000)
  • Associate Professor Jianqiang Zhang and Emeritus Professor David Young – Reducing gas and ash corrosion in advanced power generation ($480,000)

Linkage Projects with Industry

  • Dr Sophie Primig – Advancing the Australian specialty alloy processing capability ($330,000)