Materials Science News Archive

18 June 2020
Welcome to our 2020 Term 2 newsletter! We have reconfigured our newsletter to coincide with the commencement of each of our three teaching terms, which allows us to highlight the major stories and personal achievements in the previous term.
11 June 2020
The School had an incredibly successful start to 2020 with 4 new ARC grants which included a range of exciting collaborations with industry partners!
10 June 2020

In the time of Covid-19 bringing people together and learning new skills is more important than ever!

26 May 2020

Dr Claudio Cazorla, Associate Professor Dewei Chu and Professor Tom Wu have been awarded over $300K from ARC Grant.

20 May 2020

Upon reaching our third age in active retirement people often have some extra free time and the University of the Third Age (U3A) has been working with UNSW to produce

19 May 2020

While the global pandemic may have disrupted the peer support program this year we have continued to bring the student community together for a weekly online trivia se

13 May 2020

Scarlet Kong has studied an undergraduate, a postgraduate and continuing the PhD at school of Materials Science and Engineering.

12 May 2020
The School extends congratulations to one of our high-achieving alumni, Saul Griffith who has been interviewed by GTM (GreenTech Media).
6 May 2020

The University Medal is one of the most distinguished awards based on an outstanding academic performance.

27 April 2020

The awarded ARC grant's project title is "Advanced hard metals: microstructure-property-processing relationships". The aim of this project is to bet