Materials Science News Archive

15 August 2019

Public Lecture:"Nanostructured Thermal Barrier Coatings: Challenges and Opportunities"

14 August 2019

MATSOC Trivia Night that was hosted last week on Thursday, 1st of August

29 July 2019

Professional Development Program for International students

29 July 2019

"Colossal pressure-induced caloric effects in plastic crystals for solid-state cooling"

26 July 2019

Our school hosted students and staff from North-western Polytechnical University, China on 15 July 2019.

25 July 2019

Performance Enhancement of InGaN/GaN LEDs: Nanotechnological Approaches

19 July 2019

Emulsion Polymers (Industry Masters Scholarship)

18 July 2019

Welcome to

12 July 2019

"Emerging Opportunities for Black Phosphorus in Energy Applications"