Educational Support Services at UNSW Sydney

26 September 2017

UNSW Student Life and Learning have a range of initiatives to support UNSW students including:

  • Careers and Employment: Helping students find the right job, developing their career paths, internships and cadetships
  • Counselling and Psychological Services (CAPS): Showing students how to de-stress, manage relationship issues, build psychological flexibility, and offering free and confidential individual counselling
  • Disability Services: A place for students with a disability to have their Educational adjustments worked out and put in place
  • Student Development International: Offering International students a range of support and development opportunities, orientation, cultural mentoring, visa enquiries
  • Educational Support Service: Our advisors help students make the most of their time at UNSW and get back on track or stay on track with personal, study and uni related matters
Educational Support Advisors

Educational Support Advisors work with all UNSW students to provide individually-catered support throughout their studies. Advisors can support students experiencing a range of issues, including, but not limited to; developing academic study skills currently impacting educational performance and providing assistance for personal, health or financial circumstances restricting study engagement. They also offer support when navigating and accessing UNSW policies and procedures. They promote the development of skills needed to succeed at university, and assist students in reaching their potential.

The Academic Success: Getting Back on Track program is an online learning resource for any UNSW student who needs some assistance either getting back on track or staying on track with their studies.

They offer confidential bookings that are one-on-one, on campus, and totally free of cost. To book an appointment with an Educational Support Advisor, please either complete the online form, email, or call (02) 9385 4734.