Emulsion Polymers (Industry Masters Scholarship)

19 July 2019

Emulsion Polymers (Industry Masters Scholarship)

This is an externally-funded scholarship for Bachelors or Honours graduates interested in completing an industry-based Masters research project at Allnex in Botany. The scholarship is $31,828 pa (tax exempt) for 18 months with a maximum of 24 months.

Topic Area: (Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering) – Chemistry of Emulsion polymerisation technology
Project Name: Acrylic Emulsion Polymers Process Improvements
Project Outline:

  • Undertake an evolutionary operation (EVOP) experimental design research approach to evaluate the effect of modifications to emulsion polymer manufacturing of dispersions (paints and coatings).
  • Evaluate changes to emulsion polymerisation processes used in the dispersion applications (paints and coatings)
  • Build on internal knowledge about existing processes for ongoing variation, improvement and development of new and existing products
  • Successfully completing course units for the Master’s degree, mainly via online study completed in your own time, but also with some face to face lectures / training at UNSW, Kensington campus.

For further details refer to the role description and contact Donavan Marney (d.marney@unsw.edu.au). Applications will be accepted until the projects have been filled by suitable candidates or until Sunday 18th August 2019.