February 2018: Professor Chris Sorrell & Dr Koshy Pramod, "Photocatalytic antimicrobial films on fluorinated contact lens polymers"

7 June 2018

“Bioceramic films on contact lens for anti-microbial protection”

by Nathan Doran, Wen-Fan Chen*, Pramod Koshy, Kitty Ka Kit Ho, Naresh Kumar, Charles Christopher Sorrell

In the present work, TiO2 films were fabricated on fluorinated ethylene propylene copolymer (FEP) substrates by dip coating of a hybrid sol-gel.  The fabricated coating was semi-permeable to allow oxygen diffusion to the eye, transparent so as not to affect visibility, smooth to avoid irritation, possessed sufficient photocatalytic activity to facilitate bacterial destruction.

Read the full paper, as published in Materials Letters (Volume 212, February 2018, Pages 134-138).