Ferroelectrics Summer School

18 December 2018

The second Ferroelectrics Summer School (UNSW-SSF ‘18) was held from 10th - 14th December 2018, attracting PhD students, post-doctoral researchers, young scientists and senior researchers working in the field of ferroelectrics. Held over five days, the School contributed to developing the Asia-Pacific ferroelectrics community of the future, with ~45% of the participants from outside UNSW, including from  New Zealand, China, Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Nepal, France and Denmark. The School focussed on fundamental science, as well as cutting edge and emerging applications, covering basic concepts of ferroelectricity - intended for researchers/students new to the field, and progressed towards advanced concepts.

Homework and tutorials drove home learnings while networking opportunities offered through a range of social activities, including a welcome reception, one minute presentation and trivia night enabled new connections.

Participants enjoyed lectures delivered by a combination of UNSW academics and those from abroad, including USA, Asia and Europe; returning a satisfaction rating of 9.2/10!

The Summer School helped bolster UNSW's reputation in ferroelectrics, advertised UNSW among potential future recruits and helped establish new collaborations.