Industrial Training Poster Presentation Evening 2017

5 April 2017

On Thursday 23 March 2017, the School held its annual Industrial Training Placement event. Around 34 undergraduate students presented posters and a brief oral summary outlining their experience during the industrial training. The quality of the presentations was, once again, extremely high and it is clear that all the students found their IT placements to be a very valuable learning experience.
This year’s winners for best presentations were:
1st Prize - Charlotte Dawes, “Optimization of Iridium Thin Film Deposition via DC Magnetron Sputtering”
2nd Prize - Mia Maric, “Simulations of Self Assembly of Amphiphilic DNA Materials”
3rd Prize - Shantan Kandukuri, “EOS Defence Systems”
Congratulations to Charlotte, Mia and Shantan for their outstanding presentations.
Many thanks to Laura McNally for doing an outstanding job organizing the event. Our sincere thanks, also, to alumni George Melhem from Perfect Engineering and Taka Numata from Austral Bricks for their time and insightful judging.