Materials Australia Undergraduate Student Presentation

2 November 2017


On Wednesday 1st November, the School hosted the annual ‘Materials Australia Undergraduate Student Presentation’ competition. This draws students from materials programs from across NSW to present their research findings to a panel of judges.  I’m delighted to announce that two of our final year students did very well.

Ben Fishburn was awarded second prize for his presentation “Development of Industrially-Viable Geopolymer Compositions”. Ben’s project is supervised by Koshy.

Further, Scarlet Kong was awarded third prize for her talk entitled “Characterisation of Anomalous Surface Structure in Ferroelectric Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3 - 6%BaTiO3’. Scarlet is supervised by John Daniels.

Congratulations to Ben and Scarlet for this fine achievement and for representing the School so magnificently.

Thanks also to Sophie Primig for helping to organise the event and to Ben and Scarlet’s support teams who helped our speakers prepare.