MSE PhD student wins Fulbright

16 December 2019
The talented PhD student in our school has been awarded 2019 Fullbright future Scholarship. The prestigious Fulbright Future Scholarships are offered by the Australian Fulbright Commission to enable an awardee to visit to any U.S. institution of their choice.  It is funded by the Kinghorn Foundation and targets projects that have a positive impact on the lives, livelihoods, and prosperity of Australians. It allows the recipients to study and conduct a research with 100% funded of tuition fees and travel and living allowance in U.S.
Florence Lui has been awarded a prestigious Fulbright Future Scholarship. She is Professor Charles Sorrell and Dr Pramod Koshy's student and she will carry out part of her PhD project in USA. Florence will be joining Prof. Lara Estroff’s research group in the School of Materials Science and Engineering, Cornell University, to work on the surface and interface characterisation of layered composite implant coatings for orthopaedic applications.  
Florence said "The Fulbright Future Scholarship and my research visit to Cornell University will be truly transformative, through opportunities that broaden my exposure to the largest biomaterials market in the world, deepen my expertise in the research field, and expand my network.  I feel very honoured to receive such an esteemed award and I am excited to progress my research in orthopaedic implant coatings through a research collaboration with Prof. Estroff's group.  I am very grateful for all the support and guidance I have and consistently continue to receive from my supervisors, mentors, collaborators, lab managers, technicians, and colleagues - the award is a reflection of their investment in me through many matters big and small"