PGSOC Poster Competition

15 November 2018

Run by members of ever-enthusiastic PGSOC, the School’s annual poster competition was held on Thursday November 8th.

Open to postgraduates, masters and honours research students, the event aims to connect students with academia and industry, engage research community and improve valuable communication skills.

Participants delivered concise, original and creative pitches of their projects.

The winners were:
1st place: Jonathan Hopkins – A New, Water-Soluble Conducting Polymer
2nd place: Jackson Wong – Charge Transfer of Mn to Ni in XMnO3 /LaNiO3 Superlattices
3rd place: Pariasadat Musavigharavi – Nano-Scale Origins of Visible-light Photocatalytic Activity in ZnS/GaP Multilayers
People’s Choice: Mohammad Assefi – Keep Calm and Recycle Batteries
Best Honours: Jonathan Hopkins – A New, Water-Soluble Conducting Polymer

Sincere thanks also to our judges: Anna Paradowska from ANSTO, Astha Singh from Science Communication Diversity Outreach, Michael Lum from Weir Minerals and Gabriel Caus from UNSW Estate Management.