The Power of Engineering: Baxter the robot joins the School

15 July 2015

Recently, twenty year 9 students from schools across Sydney spent the day at UNSW as part of the Science 50:50 program.  The girls were offered a hands-on insight into the work going on in sustainable materials and process solutions at the SMaRT Centre – including research into the transformation of e-waste, auto waste and CDs.

Their visit included a demonstration with Baxter the robot, a new member of the SMaRT team who is learning about waste recycling and the possibilities of robotic sorting and processing.

About Baxter

Baxter is the creation of Robological, a start-up formed in late 2012 as a partnership between 3 colleagues – Damith Herath, Christian Kroos and Zhengzhi Zhang - who worked on the ARC/NHMRC funded “Thinking Head Project”. The company has already been recognised for its strengths and innovations through industry awards including the Siemens 3D Design Awards in 2014.

Joining the SMaRT Centre in July, the industry collaboration with Robological will explore the possibility of integrating Baxter (and collaborative robotic technologies) into the recycling pipeline, especially at the early dismantling and sorting stages.

A key part of the Science 50:50 event on the 6th July, Baxter has also been involved in STEM outreach programs including a two year robotic installation at Powerhouse Museum and was a volunteer at CSIROs Scientists at Schools Program.