Sankara Sundaram receives prestigious fellowship

2 November 2012

Dr Sankara Sundaram, who recently completed his PhD under the supervision of Professor Paul Munroe and co-supervisor A/Prof Nagarajan Valanoor, has been awarded a prestigious JSPS Fellowship by the Australian Academy of Science and the Australian Research Council. This award is for two years and during this period Sankara will be working with Prof Hiroshi Funakubo from the Department of Innovative and Engineered Materials at the Tokyo Institute of Technology in Japan on next generation lead free ferroelectric thin film devices.

During his PhD Sankara worked on fabrication and characterization of ultra-thin (5 to 20 nm) lead free ferroelectric thin film hetero structures. He used high-end analytical microscopic techniques such as aberration corrected scanning transmission electron microscope to probe the structural and chemical integrity of hetero-structures at unit cell dimensions. Dr Sundaram’s thesis resulted in 5 (2 accepted, 1 submitted and 2 under preparation) high impact publications and he has presented his research in more than 5 national and international conferences.

Well done Sankara!