School PhD student George Tang broke three Australian records

30 July 2010

PhD research student George Tang broke 3 Australian records in 3 consecutive skydives as part of a team which created a new record of 112 people linked together in one free fall. After travelling to the US to attempt the record, the team undertook two training camps and a lot of work to get everybody’s skills up to scratch for a safe event. Once ready, 4 days of record attempts were planned, but for 2 days the team could not jump because of bad weather!! Then on the very last day with everybody was very anxious, the weather cleared up and the rest is record history. Try and find George in the picture above. (Hint: check your answer at the bottom of the page).

When not jumping out of planes and hurtling to the ground, George is undertaking a PhD in Fatigue of Nanocrystalline Aluminium under the auspices of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Design in Light Metals. His supervisor, Professor Mark Hoffman, is quite insistent that he keeps all his research records up to date.