School Successes for funding for New Research Projects from the ARC

8 November 2011

The School is very pleased to reveal the success of the following staff in obtaining research grants in the recent announcement from the Australian Research Council.

Discovery Grants

  • Dr Jianqiang Zhang and Prof David Young – Role of oxide grain boundaries in controlling high temperature corrosion of steels by CO2- rich gases.
  • Dr John Daniels – Enhanced electro-active properties in polycrystalline ceramics: a multi-length-scale approach.
  • Prof Michael Ferry – A new class of poly-amorphous alloy exhibiting outstanding damage tolerance.

Linkage Projects with Industry

  • Prof Michael Ferry and Dr Kevin Laws – The design of new die-castable bulk metallic glasses exhibiting superior mechanical performance 
  • Prof Oleg Ostrovski – The use of non-traditional materials in production of manganese alloys with economic and environmental benefits.
  • Prof Veena Sahajwalla – Novel Recycling Approach for Automative Waste Glass and Plastics.

LIEF Grants for New Equipment

  • A/Prof Sean Li, Prof Veena Sahajwalla and Dr Xuchuan Jiang – A magnetic property measurement facility for the development of advanced materials and biomedical technologies in the Sydney basin.
  • Prof Aibing Yu, A/Prof Runyu Yang, Prof Mark  Hoffman and Prof Oleg Ostrovski – An advanced computational facility based on a graphic processing unit for particulate research.