UNSW-SJTU Innovation Hub official launch

26 November 2015

Professor Michael Ferry joined NSW Premier Mike Baird, UNSW Pro-Vice Chancellor (International), Ms Fiona Docherty, and President of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Professor Zhang Jie, for the official launch of the UNSW-SJTU Innovation Hub, held at SJTU on 7th November 2015.  

Professor Ferry gave a presentation on the research collaboration between UNSW and SJTU and the importance of the research to both Australia and China.

The Innovation Hub involves researchers at both UNSW and SJTU working on the design and testing of a new class of hypervelocity impact resistant material for protecting future space infrastructure, such as satellites, spacecraft and space stations, from catastrophic damage from micrometeorites and impossible-to-track space junk. Professor Ferry leads the UNSW node of the Hub with support from Chief Investigators, Drs Kevin Laws and Martin Xu (UNSW Sydney) and Dr Juan Escobedo-Diaz (UNSW Canberra).


(Pictured are (L to R): The Honourable Mike Baird, Premier of NSW, Professor Michael Ferry, UNSW Hub Leader, Professor Zhang Jie, President of SJTU and Professor Jinfu Li, SJTU Hub Leader.)