UNSW SMaRT& NSW Circular and Mirvac & Co's collaboration on transforming the recycled materials into sustainable homewares

14 December 2019

An apartment in Marrick & Co complex in Sydney’s inner west (Marrickville) has been fitted out with homewares created from recycled materials produced by Scientia Professor Veena’s SMaRT Centre Microfactory. It is a fastinating transformation of waste material into useful home products then used in a such a decorative manner.

The homewares on display include a blue-hued dining table created with ceramic tiles made from waste glass and textiles and occasional tables made from corflute posters that were destined for landfill.

The collaboration between NSW Circular, Mirvac and UNSW SMaRT Centre clearly demonstrates how a circular economy, which aims to eliminate waste and promote the continual use and re-use of resources, can deliver economic, social and environmental benefits. It also shows the huge potential and benefit of recycling for the architectural and design industries

Professor Veena Sahajwalla (Director of SMsRT Centre) said that "It could be the stylish solution to the pressing problem of dealing with our recyclable waste. Waste glass and textiles and plastics, can actually be brought to life as part of beautiful furniture. It’s a far more sustainable approach than the ‘take, make, waste’ system, which results in the loss of resources and ever-growing landfill.”
Thank you to Professsor Veena for an excellenct partnership with industry partners and the global impact research on recycling waste and create a sustainability living.