Veena Appointed to Climate Commission

15 May 2012

Prof Veena Sahajwalla has been appointed as a Commissioner to the Australian Government’s Climate Commission. The role of the Commission is to provide reliable and independent information regarding the science of climate change, international actions and the economics of a carbon price.

In announcing her appointment, the Chief Commissioner, Professor Tim Flannery commented, “we are very pleased to have Professor Sahajwalla join the Commission. While it is important to talk about the problems we face, of course the silver lining is that we can build better, smarter and cleaner solutions. Veena is at the forefront of the global clean energy revolution and will become our ‘Solutions’ Commissioner.”

This appointment is an impressive recognition of Veena and her activities in the field. It is also great to have a materials person in the role and one from the School of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of New South Wales.