Veena Sahajwalla wins Indian Academy of Sciences Jubilee Professorship

2 March 2017

Laureate Professor Veena Sahajwalla has been honoured by the Indian Academy of Sciences, being awarded the Jubilee Professorship of the Academy for the year 2017.   Veena is the first female scientist to receive this prestigious accolade.

The Indian Academy of Sciences, founded in 1934 by Nobel Prize winning physicist, Sir C.V. Raman, instituted the Jubilee Professorship during the Platinum Jubilee Year of the Academy in 2009. The Professorships offers the holder an opportunity for interactions and exchanges with students, researchers and teachers across India and takes forward the Academy's aim of promoting progress and upholding the cause of science throughout the country.

The Jubilee Professor may pursue any scientific activity during the year - Veena's focus will be the omnipresent crisis of e-waste in India.  She is piloting micro-factories to turn unwanted electronics into valuable metal alloys, promising a safe new way for poor communities in India to generate an income from the production of metal alloys.

Congratulations Veena, on receiving this prestigious award.