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Rama Vasudevan was awarded this year’s 'Faculty of Science Award for Excellence in PhD Research'.  This  prize is awarded to the doctoral student in Science who is judged to have produced the best PhD thesis in a calendar year. Rama, who originally did a Nanotechnology degree at UNSW, was supervised by Nagy Valanoor. Rama, as part of his thesis work, produced a series of first author publications in very highly regarded journals that have already attracted a large number of citations. Following the completion of his PhD, Rama took up a position at Oak Ridge National Laboratories. 
Julian Walker, who last year finished his PhD under the supervision of Professors Nagy Valanoor and Chris Sorrell, recently presented some of the work he performed as part of postgraduate studies at the “PFM-2014” Conference in Ekaterinburg in the Russian Federation.
His presentation ˝Electrical, Electromechanical Properties and Domain Structure of Sm-modified-BiFeO3 Ceramics Prepared by Mechanochemical Activation˝ was awarded one of three prizes for ˝Excellence Award for the Best Oral Presentation of Young Scientist˝. Congratulations to Julian on winning this award!