August 2014

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Welcome to the August edition of Materials News. 

Welcome from the HoS

The School has received some excellent news over the past few months from the Australian Research Council. Professor Sahajwalla has been awarded an ‘Industrial Research Transformation Hub’ focused on green material recycling. This centre brings together a number of industries and universities to focus on research issues related to sustainable materials.

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Research Hub for Green Manufacturing

The Australian Research Council announced in June the funding of the research hub for “Transforming Waste Directly in Cost-effective Green Manufacturing” to be centred at the School. The initiative will be led by Prof Veena Sahajwalla and Prof Oleg Ostrovski who will be the Chief Investigator of the hub. The ARC contribution will be $2.2M supplemented  by $1.6M in industry funds. The hub is a consortium of several universities and a number of industry partners. 

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Graduate Contribution: A tribute to Prof David Robertson and Reminiscences on the 1960s School of Metallurgy

Bruce See and Phillip Mackey, 1960s PhD graduates in Metallurgy from our School, write about the recent Symposium on pyrometallurgy, held in San Diego California between 17-20 February, to honour Professor David Robertson’s contributions to education and research in pyrometallurgy.  They also share with Materials News their experience studying at UNSW during the “Golden Age” in the School of Metallurgy.

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Research News

The School has been successful in garnering a large number of awards and fellowships announced recently by the Australian Research Council. In addition to Veena Sahajwalla’s centre, the School was awarded a number of grants and fellowships.

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Alumni Profile: Dave Musgrove, Product Manager/Engineer

From an early age, School graduate Dave Musgrove had a keen interest in the science behind the materials used to design bicycles. This passion led him to study Materials Science and Engineering and to specialise in composites.  Dave’s expertise and determination opened a range of opportunities within bicycle industry; he is now the Product Manager and Engineer behind locally based company Cell Bikes.  

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Staff News


In August Associate Professor Sri Bandyopadhyay (Bando to most) will retire from the School. Bando came to UNSW in 1991 from the DSTO in Melbourne and rapidly established a vibrant research program in polymer sciences and in advanced composite materials. Bando will, perhaps, be best known to generations of students from the School for his individual lecturing style, poetry and singing.

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New MSE Building update

Construction of the new Materials Science and Engineering building continues to be on time on and on budget. The frame of the building was completed in June. Current activities are focused on attaching the glass sidings to the building, roughing in electrical and plumbing services to each floor and construction of individual room walls and partitions. The project is on track for the School to relocate into the building in early 2015. 

Watch Contruction as it happens on our live webcam recent photos of the new building can also be found on the School's Facebook page