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Our Academic and Research Staff has achieved outstanding success in the 2015 round of Australian Research Council grants, announced in November:

Discovery Grants

Nagy Valanoor and Paul Munroe
Designer defects – a new approach to functional oxide interfaces - $473,900
Jianqiang Zhang and David Young
Controlling nickel-base alloy high temperature corrosion in CO2-rich gases - $399,500
Paul Munroe
Design of tough, durable and corrosion-resistant coatings - $325,500
Sean Li
Beyond Phononic Crystals – building new concepts to enhance thermoelectricity - $384,700
Mark Hoffman
Fatigue in lead-free piezoceramics - $369,900
Michael Ferry and Kevin Laws
Ultra-lightweight alloys with unique multi-dimensional property profiles - $355,100

DECRA Awards

Manuel Hinterstein
On the origin of high-strain in lead-free piezoelectric materials - $315,000
Chunguang Tang
Materials design for self-toughening bulk metallic glasses - $368,000

LIEF Grants

Jan Seidel
Next-generation electronic and magnetic materials characterisation facility - $760,000
Judy Hart (project led by Dane McCamey, Physics)
Fabrication facility for oxygen-sensitive electronic materials - $240,000
Congratulations to everyone concerned.