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Global competition winner to study MSE at UNSW

The main prize of the "Win your Future Unlimited" includes 12 months study, return flights, accommodation, a stipend and the opportunity for an internship. Uttam impressed the judges with his postcard and the clarity, honesty and creativity with which he made his case. He is now planning to undertake his postgraduate studies at our School starting in second semester 2014.

Why did you enter the “Win your Future Unlimited” postcard competition and what inspired your winning entry?
I decided to enter the competition because of my plans for pursuing higher education, I thought it was a great opportunity. The basic idea behind my postcard was my concern towards environment sustainability and how we can achieve it. It was during my research internship at Hochschule Niederrhein University in Germany and during my bachelors’ thesis where I worked on natural fibres to produce high performance materials. I was attracted to this area and towards the concept of sustainability. In my postcard I emphasised the beauty of nature and how we can preserve it by using alternative energy sources like windmills and by recycling and reusing.
When you travelled to Australia, where did you go and what was your experience? 
During my two-week study tour of Australia, I travelled to Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart, Launceston, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney. This study tour not only helped me to explore Australia as a country but also its many world class universities and institutions. Interacting with the professors, students and representatives aided me in gaining knowledge about the ongoing research in the area of materials recycling, material development and material characterization. The awareness has made me even more determined to work towards environmental sustainability. 
What do you plan to study and why? Why did you choose UNSW? 
In India, as well as in the rest of the world, pollution is a major problem. I plan to study Materials Science and Engineering at UNSW with a focus towards waste recycling and the development of high value products using recycled waste as raw material. If we keep on using non-renewable resources like petroleum (used in the production of synthetic polymers) at the same pace, we will soon run out of them. Waste recycling will take us one step closer to environment sustainability by reducing the stress on non-renewable resources and by reducing the pollution being caused by waste dumping in landfills. During my study tour, I had the opportunity to meet Professor Veena Sahajwalla’s research team which gave me an insight into the kind of work they are doing on waste recycling. After meeting these people, I decided to study at the School of Materials Science and Engineering at UNSW.