May 2014 - Staff News

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  • May

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Associate Lecturer Dewei Chu welcomed his second daughter, Ivian Chu, on Tuesday 11 February. Ivian in Chinese means “Love Wen” as Dewei’s wife’s surname is “Wen”. Both mother, baby and Dewei are doing well and settling into their new family life.  
DECRA Fellow Julia Glaum gave birth to a baby boy, Juri, on Sunday 2 February in the Royal Hospital for Women. Juri is Julia’s first child and he was a healthy 3.5kg and 54cm bub but since then he has quickly outgrown a few sizes of clothes. According to the new mum Juri is a very h
appy fellow and lets her sleep enough to get some grant writing done. 
Photo: Ivian Chu and big sister
Alan Chow has joined the School’s admin team. Alan is an Economics graduate from Sydney University and has an extensive work experience in both the private (17 years with Ansett) and University ( 20 years ) sectors. He joined UNSW as School Manager for the School of Mathematics in 1993, moved to the Institute of Languages in 1997 where he was responsible for finance and all non-teaching support operations for ten years. He started working part-time in 2007, when he worked for a short period with Learning and Teaching and then moved for five years with the School of Psychiatry as the part time Senior Finance Officer. He is currently the acting School Manager until Lucy’s return at the end of May. 
Laura McNally has recently joined the School as Student Support Officer for both Post and Undergraduate students. She has previously worked at the UNSW Admission Office and prior to that she obtained an accounting degree from the University of South Australia. She is vibrant, friendly and enjoys spending her weekends with her family and bulldog, Coco.