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Industrial Training Poster Competition 

In this section the winner ( Gustad Irani) and the finalists ( Siddharth Doshi & Kara Poon) of the Industrial Training Poster competition 2014 share with Materials News their industrial training experience during their summer vacation break 2013-2014.  

Also, see the list of 2014 School and Industry Scholars. 


Onesteel: Reducing Auxiliary Power Consumption 

My time at Onesteel Rooty Hill was extremely enjoyable. The responsibility and the potential impact of my project’s work really made it a fulfilling experience. I was given a project related to reducing half of the site’s power bill. It seemed like a daunting task at the beginning, but as I learnt more, it became even more intimidating. Moving forward, I learnt that this task was attempted before, and leaders on different sites were actively attempting to address the issue alongside myself. 
 After making some real-time improvements to a few minor processes, with some small coding modifications, I started formulating saving plans for the extended future. This forced me into an environment of communicating daily with Managers, Engineers and Leaders to understand more about the issue. All of whom had many other important roles to fill, but gladly assisted me when asked, especially my supervisor Dr Zheshi Jin. The communication aspect brought me to the people that were relying on my project’s work, giving me more confidence and motivation. On my last day, I presented a 20 minute speech to the management board and the General Manager. It highlighted all the ideas I was presented with by engineers on the floor and all the system and process changes I had researched myself.
My final savings figure was a proposed 20% saving, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. I also created a clear, readable electricity distribution map and improved the existing graphical analysis processes in order for leaders to better make efficiency modifications in the future. I definitely look forward to working at Onesteel next year to learn even more about the industry. 
Gustad Irani, 3rd year Bachelor of Engineering Materials Science and Engineering/Chemical Engineering 


AINB: Low cytotoxicity of layered double hydeoxide (LDH) nanosheets on vascular cells


Over summer, I carried out a research project at the AIBN (ARC Centre for Excellence for Functional Nanomaterials, Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology, University of Queensland) in Brisbane, investigating the potential of LDH nanosheets to be used as vascular drug delivery carriers. It involved synthesising and characterising LDH nanosheets and then determining their effect on vascular cells through biological assays, looking to see whether they caused cell death or inhibited growth. 
The project opened my eyes to an incredibly fascinating field that I didn't even know existed when I enrolled in engineering. The day to day work was challenging and allowed me to develop my investigative and experimental skills. 
The project was a great way for me to experience how real research is practically carried out, as well as how the significance of the research and its results can best be communicated."
Siddharth Doshi, 3rd year Bachelor of Engineering Materials Science and Engineering/Master in Biomedical Engineering 




Tunghai University, Taiwan: Thermal Effects on Fused Deposition Modelling

During the summer vacation from December 2013 to February 2014, I had the opportunity to work at Tunghai University, Taiwan, through a program offered in partnership by the School of Materials Science and Engineering at UNSW and Tunghai University.  It was a fantastic opportunity which allowed me to experience Taiwanese culture, work life in a foreign university and the chance to develop my own project. 
At Tunghai University, I worked in the Industrial Engineering Department under the supervision of Dr. Evin Chen. I was assigned my own project in which I investigated the thermal effects on fused deposition modeling (FDM), otherwise known as 3D printing.  FDM is an additive manufacturing technology which involves depositing layers of a heated plastic filament based on a 3D CAD model. My project was designed to determine the parameters which affect the quality of products printed by the Makerbot Replicator 2X Experimental 3D printer and to adjust these parameters to optimize the system and quality of printed samples.
The majority of my time was spent in the laboratories in Tunghai University However, I was also able to visit other universities during my Industrial Training. At these universities I was exposed to a number of high class Materials Science and Engineering facilities. I also had the opportunity to give presentations on UNSW and the School of Materials Science and Engineering to other undergraduate engineers at these universities.
Through this experience I was able to develop my presentation skills and interpersonal skills. Interestingly, I also learnt a fair amount of Mandarin from my colleagues and friends I made during my travels between universities, such that I was able to travel halfway across Taiwan all on my own! 
Spending the summer vacation of 2013-2014 doing my Industrial Training at Tunghai University has sparked my interest in research and furthermore, interests in continuing further studies or work overseas. Working at Tunghai University was a great experience, not only because I was able to work in a different environment or build my laboratory experience through the development of my own project but I also had the opportunity to experience a new culture, interact with new people and learn a new language. 
Kara Poon, 4 year, Bachelor of Engineering Materials Science and Engineering/Master in Biomedical Engineering 

2014 Industry and School Scholars

In November 2013, we shortlisted 10 high quality HSC school leavers from over 100 applicants for the Industry Partner, Privately endowed and School scholarships interviews. Eleven scholarships were offered during December 2013. Early in the New Year  two 2nd year OneSteel Scholarships were offered to 3135 and 3137 students. Congratulations to all the 2014 Scholars!


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School Awards:

Carl Johnsson ( Wier Minerals)Charles Frost 
Jeremy Bogovac ( OneSteel) Quynh Pham 
Paul Henderson ( OneSteel) Katherine Lam 
Sir Ruper Myers: Chantelle Malacco
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 Ralph Bulanadi 
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