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The first quarter of 2015 has been very productive in terms of research grants for our Academic and Research Staff.  The successes include: 

Researcher (s)

Grant Title


Veena Sahawalla Dual chamber high temperature furnace for the ARC research hub on Green Manufacturing$69,993
Jan Seidel, Judy Hart, Julia Glaum, Clemens Ulrich and Martin GreenGreen Scanning probe microscope upgrade $63,583
Michael Ferry, Sean Li, Kevin Laws, Liangchi ZhangSupport for expert management of several state-of-the-art facilities in new MSEB. Tech Support Engineer to commission, maintain, manage and operate facilities$110,000
 Faculty Research Grants  
Danyang Wang Electrocaloric effect in lead-free relax or ferroelectrics $9000
Judy Hart New photocatalytic materials based on ZnS-Gap solid solutions$15,500
 Goldstar and Silverstar Grant Winners  
Emeritus Professor Oleg Ostrovski A study of the thermodynamic properties and structure of coke and char 

Well done to all our successful award recipients.