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ARC Grants
LIEF grant – High temperature scanning tunnelling microscope - $750,000 – led by Sean Li, supported by Michael Ferry, Veena Sahajwalla and others
DECRA grant – Metallic Glasses - $345,000 – awarded to Dr. Hai-Bin Yu to come to UNSW from Azirona State University to work with Michael Ferry
Major Research Equipment and Infrastructure Initiative (MREII)
BioScaffolder 3D printer - $111,872 – Damia Mawad, with Chris Sorrell, Veena Sahajwalla, and others
Kelvin Probe Station for Precise Analysis of Surface Electronic Properties - $71,927 – Rakesh Joshi, with Judy Hart, Jan Seidel, and others
3D Solid State Confocal Scanning Microscope - $120,000 – Sophie Primig, with Damia Mawad, Alan Crosky, and others
Endeavour Fellowships
Jan Seidel - Special Studies Program visit to Oxford University in 2016
Yusef Kaneti - Postdoctoral Fellow visit to Tsinghua University
Early Career Research Grants
Sophie Primig – “Advanced thermos-mechanical processing of ultrafine-grained ferritic steels”
Adnan Younis – “Development of three-dimensional metal oxides heterostructures towards self-stabilised, transparent, flexible integrated nano electronics devices”
Thuan Nguyen – “Alumina-forming coatings for corrosion protection of steels in CO2 gas”
Faculty Research Grants
Damia Mawad - “Porous conductive cardiac patches with anisotropic properties and photo adhesion capabilities"
Rakesh Joshi - “Transforming biomass waste into grapheme oxide membranes”
Judy Hart - “Low-cost, highly-efficient materials for photoelectrochemical hydrogen production through surface modification”
Other Grants
Michael Ferry - UNSW & Shanghai Jiao Tong University Development Fund - $148,000 awarded for a 1 year project “Metallurgical design of toughened amorphous metals.”