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Materials News July 2015

Welcome to the July edition of the Newsletter of the School of Materials Science and Engineering at UNSW Australia. Highlights of this edition include various research grant announcements including $5M in ARC funding to stablish a Hub for "Computational Particle Technology", the latest ARC linkage grants successes for the School and more. 


The School also prepares to welcome our Alumni, Industry Partners, past and present Staff and Scholars to officially inaugurate our new home during July 23, 2015. For more information and to Register click: here

RSVP closes next friday 17 July

Welcome from the HoS

The relocation of the School into its new building is now almost complete. Most of the relocation of equipment into laboratories has been undertaken and this process will conclude at the end of July. Inevitably, there have been a few teething problems, but overall the number of defects has been pleasingly low. Read More 
Photo: Past HoS Prof Mark Hoffman (Dean Engineering), Rupert Myers Foundation HoS and former Vice Chancellor and curent HoS Prof Paul Munroe visit the new MSE building.

Research News:

A hub for ‘Computational ParticleTechnology
led by Professor Aibing Yu from Monash University
was successful and was awarded $5M funding.
This hub will include a research node at UNSW
which will be led by Dr Runyu Yang and Dr Ruiping Zou
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Staff News:

Dr Kevin Laws has been successful in obtaining
a significant grant from the United States Air Force
through the Asian Office of Aerospace Research &
Development (AOARD) for collaborative research in
the development of new aluminium-based amorphous
alloys (bulk metallic glasses).
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Alumni News:  Postcard from Zurich 
Dr Karl Shamlaye ETH Zurich 

It’s already been a year doing research as postdoc at the
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (German:
Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich; ETH Zurich).
During my PhD at UNSW, I enjoyed working on fascinating
materials, called metallic glasses; which I continue to research,
in a group headed by Professor Jörg Löffler.

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Undergraduate News:

During the end of November 2014, the School sent
a group of 3 undergraduate students, Adrian Greksa, 
Jeff Huang and Chi Ho Jackson Wong  to Tunghai 
University in Taiwan to participate in the AsiaBound 
Exchange program. One of the students, Jeff Huang, 
( photo: in the middle) shares with Materials News
his insights into this unique vocational experience.

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