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Research Grants

Dr Kevin Laws has been successful in obtaining a significant grant from the United States Air Force through the Asian Office of Aerospace Research & Development (AOARD) for collaborative research in the development of new aluminium-based amorphous alloys, bulk metallic glasses, ( photo: left). This is a fruitful result of a long-standing collaboration with US Air Force - Materials and Manufacturing Directorate Chief Scientist Dr Daniel B. Miracle. Dr Laws will also be visiting the US Air Force Research Laboratories site in Dayton, Ohio to report his new findings.


Pingyi Guo, Jianqiang Zhang, David Young and Christian H. Konrad won the paper of the month during April for the paper entitled: “Oxygen Permeability Measurements in Ni Using H2/H2O, CO/CO2 and Ni/NiO Rhines Pack Atmospheres”, published in Oxidation of Metals.To read full article, as published in Oxidation of Metals, click here.

Visiting practicum students Aarthi Sridhar and Cody Crosby from Harvey Mudd College (HMC), Claremont, California have won the Undergraduate Poster Prize for the Structural Materials Division and overall Undergraduate "Best of Show" Poster prize at the international TMS conference for the poster titled “Microstructure, Phase Evolution and Properties of High Entropy Brasses and Bronzes”.

This is a result of a long-standing collaborative effort between Dr Kevin Laws, Prof. Michael Ferry and HMC Prof. Lori Bassman under NSF grant OISE-1261525. This work was carried out at UNSW in our physical metallurgy laboratory and has resulted in a recent provisional patent based on these exciting new materials.

New Staff

Dr Damia Mawad will take up a position as a lecturer in polymer science. Dr Mawad completed a PhD in Biomedical Engineering at UNSW and has since held a post-doctoral position within the Intelligent Polymer Research Institute at the University of Wollongong. She is currently a Marie Curie Fellow in the Department of Materials at Imperial College in London, where she works in Professor Molly Stevens' group. Her research interest is in functional polymers.
Dr Sophie Primig will also take a position as a lecturer in physical metallurgy in July. Dr Primig was awarded both her Ph.D. in Mining and Metallurgical studies (July 2012) and her Master in Materials Science (November 2008) degrees at the Montanuniversität Leoben, Austria. Her Ph.D. research was an applied project in collaboration with Plansee SE, Austria. 
In July 2013 Dr Primig became Senior Scientist at the Montanuniversität Leoben where she heads the “High Performance Materials and Steels” research group. The group develops new microstructure-property relationships in structural materials and has close industry linkages, and studies steels, molybdenum alloys and nickel-based alloys.
Dr Primig visited the School earlier this year to give a seminar and also to attend the "Orange is the new Black" building warming event ( photo: PhD students and Dr Primig on the far right) and proudly wore the School's orange t-shirt.