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Research Hub for Computational Particle Technology

Particles are found in nature and industries in many forms (ore, coal, grains, sands, powder, nanoparticles, etc.). They are the second largest category material (the largest is water) that human beings handle. It was estimated that as much as 70% of the final or intermediate products of these types of industry are in particulate form. Any improvement in processing and handling of particles will therefore provide very significant economic (i.e. billions of dollars per annual) and environmental benefits. 
The hub is to develop state-of-the-art computer models to simulate particle and fluid flows and associated heat and mass transfer at different time and 
length scales, aiming to design and optimise particulate and multiphase processes that are widely used in industries. The hub will significantly improve the productivity and competitiveness of Australia's important industries such as minerals, metallurgical, materials, chemical, energy and environment.
The research hub will be led by Prof. Aibing Yu from Monash University and will be funded by the ARC ($5m to the five year project) and by industry partners: Rio Tinto, Baosteel, and Fujian Longking that will contribute with a further $5m in cash and 3.5m in-kind support to the project.
UNSW Sydney will host a key research node of the Hub led by A/Prof. Runyu Yang ( photo: left) and Dr. Ruiping Zou (photo: right). Congratulations to those involved including the UNSW investigators, A/Prof Runyu, Dr Ruiping Zou, Dr Shibo Kuang and Dr Baoyu Guo.