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Industry Careers Night

Recently the school hosted its first industry careers night ‘What happens in the ‘real’ world?’ which gave the opportunity for current students to connect with a variety of recent alumni who have graduated within the last few years. The aim of the event was to showcase the variety of career options that are available to UNSW Materials Science and Engineering graduates and the pathways that alumni have taken to get to the position that they are in today. The event saw over 70 students attending with the panellists receiving some fantastic questions that made them think on their feet. Andrew Trimmer and Richard Chen from MATSOC hosted the evening with the five panellists, with A/Prof John Daniels joining them to discuss the other option after graduation… more postgraduate studies!
The school would like to thank the five panellists for their involvement in the first event of its kind in our school. The hugely positive feedback generated from the event means that it will continue in years to come and students will have the benefit of connecting with recently graduated alumni to gain some insight into the industry that they are studying and gain confidence in their own skills as they develop as students within the school.
Claire Dwyer
OneSteel, Process Engineer
Eva Zhang
IBM, Global Technology Services Graduate
Jacob Todd
AECOM, Materials Engineer
Jing Xu
Brickworks, Research and Development Manager, Specialised Building Systems
Tao Tan
Signature Orthopaedics, Regulatory Affairs Executive