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First Year MATSOC Camp

Every year new undergraduate students in our school are invited to join the first year camp that is run by various student societies: Our own MATSOC, along with CEUS, ICUS and FSA. This year’s was held at the outdoor adventure camp in Wiseman’s Ferry. The weekend is a great way for first year students to get to know their new classmates from within their school and across campus before the demands of first semester catch up and study takes over! With well over 150 students in attendance, the camp was a great success and a fantastic way to spend the weekend filled with fun activities and new friends. Here is a selection of photos from the weekend...

North Carolina State University: Final Projects

Over the summer break, five undergraduate students from UNSW Materials Science and Engineering took part in a research exchange to North Carolina State University in the USA. Last time we checked in on them they were just settling into their new environment, getting to know everyone in their program and the amazing student-centred town of Raleigh, NC.

Towards the end of the exchange, the students were required to exhibit a poster presentation of their research. Here are some photos of the event and their presentation topics:

MARTINI Coarse Grained DNA Model for Applications in Nanotechnology – Alexandra Tilson

Temperature Dependence of Domain Wall Movement in PZT Ceramics – Catherine Isaac

Magnetic Activation and Photo-Thermal Activation of Shape Memory Polymers – Alexander Ho

Cold Sintering of Li2MoO4 – Ju Lien Ong

Characterization of HaOOH-Lysine Nanostructure for In-Vitro Studies – Jenny Jiang

At the end of May our school has also welcomed five students from NCSU into the UNSW community as they complete their research exchange project here in Sydney. It is fantastic to see the links being forged between our undergraduates across the two universities and we’re excited to see future collaborative work between our two institutions in the years to come.

Student achievements and prizes

Over the past few months our students have been involved in a whole range of activities that show that they are at the top of their field both here in Australia and abroad. Some of the recent highlights are:

Siddharth Doshi has been named as one of the recipients of the ‘Top 100 Future Leaders Awards’ by GradConnection and the Australian Financial Review. Sid is currently taking part in the Harvard University Stem Cell Institute Internship Program during the winter break where he will be facing a challenging summer of research in the prestigious university as well as taking part in a series of professional development programs related to stem cell research.
Patrick Tung was named the winner of the poster prize at the Materials Challenge in Alternative and Renewable Energy conference (MCARE2016) held in Florida earlier this year. You can see his winning poster ‘Nano-scale structures of Na1/2Bi1/2TiO3 piezoelectrics here.
Amanda Wang has won the best student presentation at the 2016 Internatonal Thermal Spray Conference held in Shanghai, China last month. She has been awarded $1000 along with an all-expenses paid international trip to expand on her research. Amanda is currently working on 3D reconstruction of thermally sprayed Nickel coatings, which you can read more on here.