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  • Jul

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Student Start-Up project "MiniEpi"continues to grow and move towards saving lives

Having achieved success in the International Hult Prize in March, MiniEpi continues to build on its foundations and move towards its goal of making emergency allergy medication more available for those who need it.

MiniEpi is a project born from a need expressed by our co-founder and CEO Andrew Fong, who experiences the most severe form of allergies, anaphylaxis. Andrew found current medication too cumbersome to carry, and just last month he found himself running to his desk to find his Epipen when he had an allergic reaction downstairs.

Over the last few months we have done market research to confirm our suspicions that allergy patients are looking for smaller medication options, and built a device to fulfil their need.

Since presenting at the International Hult Prize in Dubai, Miniepi has secured a provisional patent for its device, and is currently in contact with manufacturers. MiniEpi continues to innovate, and is looking to refine its device over the next few months to improve functionality and drug stability.

MiniEpi has been one of the projects chosen to participate in the UNSW Start-up Launch, and the program will finish in a fortnight with our pitch to investors.

After participating in the St George Kick-starter program, Andrew presented MiniEpi at TEDx Sydney to a crowd of over one thousand. This program has already reached thousands of views online, helping us to build our presence in the industry.

MiniEpi continues to grow and move towards saving lives, and you can track our progress on our website at
Andrew Ham, COO, MiniEpi Pty Ltd