Tribute: Lowin Chung

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Tribute to Honours Student: Lowin Chung

The School will remember its honours graduate of 2016, Lowin Chung, who passed away on 31 March 2016.  Her colleagues who supervised her honours project have published the outcomes ( follow link below) of the experimental work that she undertook for her honours thesis, which received a mark of 80.  Lowin was very pleased with this outcome as it was one of the highest marks that she received.

 Effect of Ce-doping on the photocatalytic performance of TiO2 Thin

"Lowin Chung was an exceptionally bright person with incredible mental toughness which enabled her to deal with any difficulties or issues that she encountered both personally and academically. She started off her time at the School by receiving an industry scholarship and concluded her degree with outstanding work leading to a distinction for her Honours thesis.  She always showed a cheerful personality and had an optimistic outlook on life and this enabled her to connect and form friendships easily.  Her quirky nature always left a strong impression in the minds of everyone who knew her, and this makes her unforgettable.  She was a bright spark and her presence will be greatly missed by all her friends and colleagues at the School"  Dr Pramod Koshy.

Photo (left to right) Aparna Nair, David Almeida, Pramod Koshy, Nathan Doran, Lowin Chung, Yuan Kai Yeo and Charles Sorell