Global Materials Breakthroughs

Materials Science is a dynamic and exciting field with many remarkable new materials developments and discoveries. On this page we highlight recent, innovative breakthroughs, from around the world, that promise to deliver cheaper, lighter, stronger or more functional materials likely to have profound effects on our lives in the near future.

Dr Damia Mawad and her UNSW-based team, along with Professor Molly Stephens and her team from Imperial College, London, have developed a polymer patch which improves the conduction of electrical im

Aluminium could give a big boost to capacity and power of lithium-ion batteries
(MIT News)

Scientists at the University of Portsmouth have discovered that the teeth of limpets (shelled aquatic snails) are the strongest biological material on earth.


Scientists at Surrey Nanosystems have invented a material so dark it absorbs 99.6% of visible light, making it impossible to discern shapes that are formed from it.

KIT discovery of way to make objects invisible to touch

Elastic Invisibility Cloak allows to hide from touching / Mechanical meta-material can be produced in millimetre size.

Imagine a product 200 times stronger than steel, more conductive than cooper, more flexible than rubber:   Graphene is, essentially, graphite that is just one atom thick.

Using a laboratory blender and a surfactant mixture, scientists at Trinity College, London, have discovered a way to make high quality graphene sheets in much greater quantities than previous metho

A laboratory error, by a research chemist who missed a step when mixing some chemicals, has led to the discovery of a new family of materials that is strong and light-weight, shows "self-heali