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Electric-field-induced local and mesoscale structural changes in polycrystalline dielectrics and ferroelectrics,” by Tedi-Marie Usher, Igor Levin, John E Daniels and Jacob L.

Our own researchers, Dr Kevin Laws and Professor Michael Ferry, along with Dr

Z.B. Tong1, B. Zheng1, R.Y. Yang1, A.B. Yu1 and H.K. Chan2

Xiaohan Wan, Guangqing Zhang (University of Wollongong) and Oleg Ostrovski (UNSW Australia)

White charcoals, also known as shiro-zumi or binchotan, are synthesized by pyrolysing wood at a relatively low temperature (~200-300ºC) for a period, typically of a few days, and then raisin
Bulk metallic glasses (BMGs) are a relatively new class of metal alloy exhibiting an amorphous (glassy) structure.